Give Your Green Thumb a Hand
One Size fits most:
Round 32-55 Gallon Trash Cans
Square Trash/Yard Waste Bins
Wheelbarrows, Garden Carts, and more!
Quality Features:
Adjusting Leveling Tabs that keep your
Caddy balanced and stable to
your work station 
The Caddy Holds:
Cell or Cordless Phones, Screw Driver,
Hammers, Trowels, Small Garden Tools,
Wallet, Keys, Misc. Includes a 5" x 11'
storage bin and handi-holes for miscellaneous items.
Six Colors:
Green, Gray, Blue, Lavender, Yellow, and Red
      Great for Gardening and Janitorial
                                 No Bending Down
                                    Handy for Home Improvment
                                                   Grab What You Need
                                                       Organizes Tools and Personal Items
                                                                     Reduces the Risk of Misplacement 
garden_caddy-features001013.jpg garden_caddy-features001012.jpg garden_caddy-features001011.jpg garden_caddy-features001010.jpg garden_caddy-features001009.jpg garden_caddy-features001008.jpg garden_caddy-features001007.jpg garden_caddy-features001006.jpg garden_caddy-features001005.jpg garden_caddy-features001004.jpg garden_caddy-features001003.jpg garden_caddy-features001002.jpg
Garden & Tool Caddy
Watch how it Works