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The Garden and Tool Caddy! Is the ideal way to keep it together this fall, and is the perfect gift for any occasion.

King County Journal Newspapers

The caddy has saved me a lot of money. I used to lose my garden hand tools in the yard or accidentally toss them into my yard waste. Now I keep them organized in the tool caddy and I always know where they are. It's great for garden tool storage.

Charles K., Seattle, WA

Brilliant design! The caddy has everything I need,where I need it. As an engineer I'm very impressed with the leveling tabs. I wish I'd thought of it.

Bob P., Boston, MA

This is such a cool invention. Iíve looked everywhere for tool storage like this. Itís exactly what I need because I have a bad back and canít bend. Now I donít have to bend over so much. When I'm done in the garden, it fits right in my garden tool storage shed. Thanks.

David A., Tucson, AZ
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Keep your drink cool (or warm) with this drink insulator. It fits perfectly in the cup holder of the Caddy. -$2.95
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An exciting new garden invention. The Garden & Tool Caddy! fits on most Wheelbarrows, Round and Square Trash Cans (32-55 Gallon), and Yard Waste Bins. One Caddy does it all. -$19.95


Caddy Bracket

Now you can hang your Garden & Tool Caddy! on any wall in your Garage, Garden Shed, Fence, Boat, and MORE! -$4.95
Take the Garden & Tool Caddy! anywhere with this adjustable Shoulder Strap. It attaches right to the caddy. -$4.95

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Garden & Tool Caddy


His or Her Gardening Gloves

Wells Lamont Women's or Men's Gardening Gloves, One Size Fits Most. -$3.95

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